The complete Gnome Press bibliography I am compiling will be listed here, in three ways:

1) Alphabetical by Author

2) Alphabetical by Title

3) In Order by Publication

Each will contain all the bibliographic information, but not the accompanying scans of the covers and the boards. Material about the book’s place in Gnome’s history will be found on the individual book pages.

Those 86 books are listed under three headings, to ensure that all the variant boards and covers that are the heart of this new bibliography are given special attention. Books that have no known variants will be listed under Single Staters. Books with multiple states, which may be differences in the dust jackets or the color and composition of the boards they are bound with, will be found under Variants. Lloyd W. Currey’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: A Bibliography of First Printings of Their Fiction (G. K. Hall & Co., Boston, 1979) [referred to as CURREY] has been the default source for settling bibliographic arguments for first editions in the field. Only the very first Gnome book, The Carnelian Cube, has a stated second edition, so any other book issued by Gnome by an author covered in Currey has all states listed there. Finding states unknown in Currey is exciting for a collector, so they get a special section separate from the variants that they are, titled Not In Currey. CURREY includes only the most important names, which means that a few Gnome authors are missing. For those the best source isĀ The Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Critical and Bibliographic History, 3rd edition, by Jack L. Chalker and Mark Owens (Mirage Press, 1991) [referred to as CHALKER]. All the Not in Currey variants are also not in CHALKER. For the other authors, H. Chandler’s Elliott’s Reprieve from Paradise is the only one for which I know of a variant not in CHALKER. Finding new variants for these and finding variants that would move Single Staters to the Variants tab are the current grail of Gnome Press collecting. If you are aware of any states not listed in CURREY or CHALKER please contact me at stevercarper@cs.com so I can add them and gratefully give you credit.

Two other pages are also in this section. Guide to Pseudonyms lists the real names behind the books issued pseudonymously. Reviews gives background to the mainstream newspaper reviews I excerpt from for those titles recognized outside of the SF world.

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