Address: Centauri

Floyd Lee Wallace, a mechanical engineer born in 1915, seemed to be on the verge of a stellar career when he started writing sf in the early 1950s. Astounding published his first story, “Hideaway,” in the February 1951 issue. A short novel, “Accidental Flight,” led off the April 1952 issue of Galaxy and was greatly expanded for this Gnome printing as Address: Centauri. Ten more novelettes and novellas appeared in Galaxy in the next three years and an equal number could be found scattered among the other major magazines. In 1961 he simply stopped. He never wrote another full-length novel. No English-language collection of his stories has seen print. Few if any names as prominent as his from the early 1950s remain to be rediscovered.

Groff Conklin reviewed the book for the October 1955 Galaxy:

It sounds simple, I know, but Wallace has so enriched the idea with a memorably colorful set of characters and melodramatic circumstances that it becomes an unforgettable tale.

Address: Centauri, by F. L. Wallace, 1955, title #47, 220 pages, $3.00, 4000 copies printed. Hardback. Cover design by Ed Emsh. “First Edition” stated on copyright page. Type set by: Slugs Composition Company. Printing & Binding by: H. Wolff. Back cover: 39 titles. Gnome Press address given as 80 East 11th St., New York 3.

1) Gray boards, spine lettered in black
2) Dark blue boards, spine lettered in red.

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