All About the Future

No previous chronicler has mentioned a second printing or binding or variant for this title, but two bindings exist nonetheless. Since each of Greenberg’s earlier anthologies first appeared with a cloth-backed spine, I presume that All About the Future did as well. Other than that, no clues are apparent in an examination of the black boards.

The anthology was reviewed by Groff Conklin in the June 1955 Galaxy:

I think the book is an essential addition to anyone’s basic library of science fiction.

Contents and original publication:

• “Foreword,” by Martin Greenberg (original to this volume)
• “Introduction: Where To?” by Robert A. Heinlein (Galaxy, February 1952)
• “Introduction: Let’s Not,” by Isaac Asimov (Boston University Graduate Journal, December 1954)
• “The Midas Plague,” by Frederik Pohl (Galaxy, April 1954)
• “UN-Man,” by Poul Anderson (Astounding Science Fiction, January 1953)
• “Granny Won’t Knit,” by Theodore Sturgeon (Galaxy, May 1954)
• “Natural State,” by Damon Knight (Galaxy, January 1954)
• “Hobo God,” by Malcolm Jameson (Astounding Science Fiction, September 1944)
• “Blood Bank,” by Walter M. Miller Jr. (Astounding Science Fiction, June 1952)
• “Excerpts From the Encyclopedia of Galactic Culture,” edited [i.e. written] by Edward Wellen:

“Origins of Galactic Etiquette” (Galaxy, October 1953)
“Origins of Galactic Law” (Galaxy, April 1953)
“Origins of Galactic Slang” (Galaxy, July 1952)
“Origins of Galactic Medicine” (Galaxy, December 1953).

All About the Future, Edited by Martin Greenberg, Adventures in Science Fiction Series 5, 1955, title #51, 374 pages, $3.50. 5000 copies printed 1955, later state unknown

Hardback. Jacket illustration by Ed Emsh. “FIRST EDITION” on copyright page. Type & Design by: Slugs Composition Co., New York, N.Y. Printing & Binding by: H. Wolff, New York, N.Y. Foreword by Martin Greenberg; Introductions by Robert Heinlein & Isaac Asimov. Back cover: 31 titles. Gnome Press address is given as 80 East 11th St., N. Y. 3.

variants in presumed order of priority, Not in Chalker

1. Gray cloth with red cloth spine backing, spine lettered in silver. No embossing in front cloth.
2. Black boards with spine lettered in red.

All About the Future back jacket cover All About the Future front jacket cover


All About the Future jacket flaps

All About the Future gray clothAll About the Future back boards