Undersea Fleet

Middle volume in the trilogy, after Undersea Quest and before Undersea City.

CHALKER states 5000 printed in two bindings; first is gray boards (about 3000), second c1959 in green cloth (about 2000). CURREY reverses the priorities with no dates. My copy looks far more teal than green and it is boards rather than cloth. Is this a variant or were the earlier identifications wrong? To compound the problem, I’ve found a certain third variant, with red boards. Until I get better information, I’m assuming that my teal is their green and assigned it to 1956, since Gnome produced a large number of books in gray in 1959, although those were mostly cloth. Both Earthman’s Burden and Two Sought Adventure have red board variants not in CURREY, so this is likely another from a 1959 reprinting or binding.

Floyd Gale reviewed it for the October 1957 Galaxy:

[T]he action is fast and furious.

Undersea Fleet, by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson, 1956, title #55, 187 pages, $2.75, 5000 copies printed 1957, later printings or bindings?

Hardback. Cover by Ed Emsh. ”FIRST EDITION” stated on copyright page. Back cover: 36 titles. Gnome’s address given as 80 East 11th St., New York 3.

Variants, listed in probable priority

1) CURREY (A) Teal cloth, spine lettered in brown, printed 1956
2) CURREY (B) Gray boards, spine lettered in red, printed 1959?

variant, not in Currey

3) Red boards, spine lettered in black, printed?