Single Staters

These titles have only one known state. States are any changes made by the publisher during the press run of a printing of a book. They may be changes in the material used to bind the pages, variant cover illustrations, or differences in the number of books publicized on the read cover. If I’m counting correctly, 54 Gnome titles appeared in only a single hardback state. Three of these, however, have paperback editions so I’ll be listing them under Variants

Most listings of these titles make no mention at all of binding or other details, because everybody assumes that all copies are identical. That’s not true. I’ve found two previously unlisted (in CHALKER or CURREY) variants of presumed single state titles. All Gnome titles should be checked against the list under this tab because almost certainly more unknown variants lurk out there. If you known of any variants of any kind, please give me details at This listing will slowly grow as I work my way through my entire collection, so please be patient. Be sure to ask if you have questions about a specific title I’ve yet to get to.

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