Space Lawyer

Compiled with new wordage from two stories: “Old Fireball” (Astounding Science Fiction, June 1941) and “Jurisdiction” (Astounding Science Fiction, August 1941). Oddly, though Schacher had been writing science fiction starting in 1930, these were two of the last stories he ever published in the genre. He then started writing historical novels and nonfiction about presidents under the name of Nathan Schachner. However, his legal first name was instead Nathaniel.

Space Lawyer, by Nat Schachner, 1953, title #29, 222 pages, $2.75. 4000 hardbound copies printed. Yellow boards with green lettering. Jacket Design by Ric Binkley. “FIRST EDITION” stated on copyright page. Printed by H. Wolff. Back cover: 25 titles. Gnome Press address given as 80 East 11th Street, New York 3

Space Lawyer jacket frontSpace Lawyer jacket flaps

Space Lawyer yellow boards

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