Sword of Conan, The

Second book in the Conan series, collecting:

• The People of the Black Circle (Weird Tales, September, October, and November 1934)
• The Slithering Circle (Weird Tales, September 1933)
• Pool of the Black One (Weird Tales, October 1933)
• Red Nails (Weird Tales, July, August-September, and October 1936)

For more on Conan books from Gnome see Conan the Conqueror.

The Sword of Conan, by Robert E. Howard, 1952, title #23, 251 pages, $2.75. 5000 hardbound copies printed.

Hardback, magenta cloth with black printing. Jacket design by David Kyle. David Kyle map of Hyborean Age on front and rear endpapers. The Sword of Conan: The Hyborean Age stated on title page. “First Printing” stated on copyright page. No printer designated. 14 titles listed on on rear cover. Gnome Press address given as 80 East 11th St., N.Y. 3

The Sword of Conan jacket cover

The Sword of Conan flaps

The Sword of Conan front cover.

One thought on “Sword of Conan, The

  1. I have first print editions from my father of Conan The Conqueror and The Sword of Conan. Neither has the book jacket. Both have my father’s book nameplate sticker on the inside of the cover. Both are in perfect condition.

    Is there a market for these?

    He has several other “pulp science fiction” books first printing, many numbered and signed by the authors. Would anyone be able to direct me to an interested buyer? Thank you for your time.

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