Porcelain Magician, The

Collection of reprinted short stories, some taken from Owen’s earlier collections, The Wind That Tramps the World, Lantern, 1929, The Purple Sea, Lantern, 1930, Della Wu, Chinese Courtezan, Lantern, 1931, and A Husband for Kutani, Furman, 1938

Contents and original publication:

• “The Fan” (Weird Tales, December 1925)
• “The Inverted House” (The Wind That Tramps the World)
• “The Lantern Maker” (Weird Tales, August 1925)
• “The Porcelain Magician” (original to this volume)
• “The Purple Sea” (Weird Tales, February 1928)
• “The Old Man Who Swept the Sky” (The Purple Sea)
• “Dr. Shen Fu” (A Husband for Kutani)
• “Pale Pink Porcelain.” (Mystery Magazine, April 1927)
• “The Rice Merchant” (The Purple Sea)
• “The Blue City” (Weird Tales, September 1927)
• “The Fountain” (“Della Wu, Chinese Courtezan)
• “Monk’s Blood” (original to this volume)
• “The Golden Hour of Kwoh Fan” (The Purple Sea)
• “The Wind That Tramps the World” (Weird Tales, April 1925)

Note: The Acknowledgments page states that “The Old Man Who Swept the Sky” and “The Golden Hour of Kwoh Fan” originally appeared in The Dance Magazine, A MacFadden Publication.” I have been unable to determine the exact issues.

The Porcelain Magician, by Frank Owen, 1948, 20 Feb 49, title #2, 256 pages, $3.00. 3500 copies printed.

Hardback, blue-gray cloth with black spine lettering and a black doodle of a dragon on the spine.  Physically smaller than all other Gnome Press titles at 5.1×7.2 in. Jacket design and interior illustrations by Frances E. Dunn. No stated first edition. Printed by Adviser Press, Monticello, NY. Back cover: 5 titles through Minions of the Moon. Men Against the Stars is omitted. Foreword by D. A. K. [David Kyle]. Gnome Press address given as 421 Claremont Parkway, New York 57.

Porcelain Magician cover

Porcelain Magician flaps

The Porcelain Magician cover
Porcelain Magician flyleaf

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