Associational Items

Publishers produce far more paper than the titles they offer. Gnome is a cornucopia of associational items for the completest collector. Gnome officially released at least three Fantasy Calendars, at least five catalogs, one, maybe two, issues of a Fantasy Book Club Bulletin, and six issues of a fanzine called The Science Fiction World. The books were sent out with review slips. Extra dust jackets were sometimes findable. Marty Greenberg and Dave Kyle mailed and received presumably hundreds or thousands of letters from fans, pros, and businesses.

The official releases have been relatively easy to find and the majority are in my collection. The other giant bales of paper products have mostly vanished. I have a bare handful. Mentions online list a few more, although few images are available.

Some products with Gnome’s name didn’t actually originate with Gnome. The majority of its titles had reprint editions in America and in at least a dozen other countries. No complete list is known. Even harder to trace are the foreign magazines that reprinted stories from Gnome books or anthologies. Some were kept as Greenberg’s file copies, which I have about a dozen of.

Gnome was the last remaining small press publisher in the genre, and Greenberg brokered deals to bring books from Fantasy Press and Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. back into print from unbound pages. These so-called Greenberg Variants therefore vary from the originals with different bindings, an occasional different dust jacket, and the Gnome Press name on the spine, the last creating endless confusion.

As a completist, I saddled myself with the ridiculous task of mentioning everything known to exist. The sheer volume of these items mean that I am separating them into a number of articles. Check under the menu heading to see what has been published.