The American and Foreign Reprints

Just as movies today have many more sources of income than just box office grosses – streaming, cable, DVDs, soundtracks, merchandise, etc. – and may wind up with larger revenues from the little-talked-about post-release bonanzas, books have ways of making money for the publisher and author long after the first edition leaves the printer. These subsidiary rights can provide crucial payments at times when other cash flows slow down.

Reprinting hardback titles in cheaper editions, sometimes also hardback, often in paperback, goes back hundreds of years, but became a huge business to itself in the 19th century after the rotary press was introduced. This allowed continuous printing on huge rolls of paper, and newspapers, magazines, and book publishers churned out titles in the tens and then hundreds of thousands of copies.

The paperback industry took a huge leap in 1939, when Pocket Books imitated the British Penguin editions, issuing a line of 25¢ paperbacks that could fit into a purse or jacket pocket. They instantly sold millions. Other publishers rushed to follow, despite the paper shortages soon caused by the war. Mysteries dominated. Fantasy and science fiction were so hard to find that a complete collection of 1940s titles could fit into a small box. Only in the 1950s did a few mainstream publishers start noticing the genre. Ace and Ballantine had particularly notable lines of f&sf, although still a small percentage of their offerings. Only one dedicated f&sf imprint was started from inside the field, the Galaxy Science Fiction Novels, and those only issued a few titles a year and never prospered. Nevertheless, if other publishers wanted a title, they had to pay the original publisher for rights, with the industry standard being that 50% went to the original publisher and 50% to the author. This was essentially money for nothing, and also brought the author’s name to a larger audience, since paperback print runs were 10 to 100 times larger than the originals.

Marty Greenberg naturally craved paperback reprints. About three dozen Gnome titles appeared in paperback before Gnome crumbled in 1963, not including the four Judith Merril anthologies, the Groff Conklin anthology, and Drunkard’s Walk, each of which was originated by the paperback publisher. Unfortunately, no records are left that reveal details on the Gnome side nor did paperback companies normally give out any information at all. Some of the titles did well enough to go into multiple printings or get later printings when the prices rose. I’ve scoured the ISFDB to glean all pre-1963 editions listed for Gnome titles. Some of the later titles may have been arranged directly with the author. I’ve eliminated an Isaac Asimov reprint for this reason, but new data would need to found to decide about others.

American science fiction dominated the world market in the 1950s, with no country except the UK producing more than a small number of home-grown authors and even the UK couldn’t withstand the American avalanche. European publishers especially wanted American authors for books and to fill out magazines. Eleven European countries reprinted fiction that Gnome had first published in hardback, and so did Japan and Brazil. Canada is a special case, with several Gnome titles apparently being printed there either simultaneously or shortly after the American release; mentions of titles in Canadian newspapers sometimes even precede those in America. Each individual sale could only have been for a small amount, but considering that authors fought Greenberg over tens of dollars, none could be insignificant.

Unquestionably the most beautiful Gnome-related book I have is the Japanese publisher Kodansha’s edition of Undersea Fleet. The book is published right to left and the Japanese-lettered side of the dust jacket features a spectacular sea monster while the English language reverse pictures a coral reef; the images repeat on the boards. The monocolored tinted endpapers have an underwater scene complete with robot and spaceship. A full-color foldout has a submarine on one side and a map on the other. Dozens of black and white illustrations dot the text. Gnome Press is mentioned explicitly on the English-language title page. Since this is the middle book of the series, one assumes that the other two titles made it into print, but none of them are mentioned on the ISFDB or come up through online searches until much later printings. Yet the Frederik Pohl papers at Syracuse include an unimpeachable fact that he had received a $1,000 advance on Undersea City and that $168.75 was due from the Japanese sale. The internet also reveals a letter from the Charles E. Tuttle company paying Greenberg $175.00 for the Japanese translation rights to Children of the Atom. Tuttle’s name is also on Fleet. Who knows how many more Gnomes were brokered?

My copy was Greenberg’s file copy, and I have numerous other file copy foreign reprints in my collection, some of whose covers are shown below. There can be no doubt that Greenberg worked hard to garner sales from around the around. Many more must still be out there waiting to be found and recorded, especially in Japan and South America. The table below combines my personal copies with what is in the ISFDB.

Hardback books were sold to the “trade,” i.e., bookstores and large department stores that had book sections rivaling the specialty stores in size. Libraries also bought almost exclusively hardcovers. (That why paperbacks of the same size as the originals but with paper covers are called trade paperbacks, as contrasted to the pocket-sized mass-market paperbacks, sold at newsstands, drugstores, and five & dime stores, and digest-sized paperbacks, which were the size of the Reader’s Digest or sf magazines like Astounding after 1944.) A few publishers saw an opportunity for getting books into the hands of readers who couldn’t afford the $2.00-$3.00 that a normal hardback cost. They produced cheap knockoffs, with less expensive boards and paper, that sold in five and dimes for $0.50-$1.00, and were often put on sale to get rid of stock. Hardback reprints were not a niche market like the small f&sf presses served. Books by popular authors, especially mystery writers, went into multiple printings and are far easier to find – and much cheaper to buy – today than the first editions.

Grosset & Dunlap had been the biggest name in reprints since the 19th century. In 1950, the company, in the same general sudden recognition of the field that struck so many mainstream publishers at the same time, began a program called Science Fiction Classics. Instant classics, apparently, because its first title, Henry Kuttner’s Fury, was a true first hardback edition. They couldn’t have been a success; only six more titles appeared through 1952. One of them, however, was a true reprint of I, Robot. G&D kept Gnomes cover but gave it a green rather than red background, confusing collectors to this day. Sheer speculation suggests that Greenberg might have seen these books and worried that they would eat into his sales, and that would account for the four trade paperbacks of his own that appeared in 1951 and 1952 without any other explanation. No matter. Both G&D and Gnome were pushed out of the cheap reprint market in 1953, when Doubleday’s Science Fiction Book Club got rolling. Two of the earliest selections were from Gnome – The Mixed Men and Sands of Mars – and Second Foundation soon followed. Why no more Gnome titles appeared is another mystery

One other reprint venue also used a Gnome title. Few f&sf magazines of the 1950s are more obscure than Two Complete Science-Adventure Books. A companion to Planet Stories, published by Fiction House, the magazine intended to reprint two short (or probably shortened) novels three times a year, although it quickly found that new fiction by young authors was even cheaper to run. Nevertheless, one of the 22 stories that appeared before its quick death was Minions of the Moon, which it managed to squeeze into 42 printed pages. Who wanted that?

To squeeze the tables into a portrait format from my original landscape, I’ve reduced the author column to give last names only and the title column to feature one key word. The key to the originals is given in the next table.

AuthorShort AuthorTitleShort Title
Poul Anderson & Gordon DicksonAndersonEarthman’s BurdenEarthman’s
Isaac AsimovAsimovFoundation and EmpireEmpire
Isaac AsimovAsimovFoundationFoundation
Isaac AsimovAsimovI, RobotI, Robot
Isaac AsimovAsimovSecond FoundationSecond
Arthur K. BarnesBarnesInterplanetary HunterInterplanetary
William Gray BeyerBeyerMinions of the MoonMinions
James BlishBlishSeedling Stars, TheSeedling
Nelson BondBondThirty-First of February, TheFebruary
Leigh BrackettBrackettStarmen, TheStarmen
John W. CampbellCampbellInvaders from the InfiniteInvaders
Arthur C. ClarkeClarkeAgainst the Fall of NightAgainst
Arthur C. ClarkeClarkePrelude to SpacePrelude
Arthur C. ClarkeClarkeSands of MarsSands
Hal ClementClementIceworldIceworld
Mark Clifton & Frank RileyCliftonThey’d Rather Be RightRather
E. B. ColeColePhilosophical Corps, ThePhilosophical
Groff Conklin (ed)ConklinScience Fiction Terror TalesScience
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher PrattDe CampCarnelian Cube, TheCarnelian
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher PrattDe CampCastle of Iron, TheCastle
L. Sprague de CampDe CampLost ContinentsLost
Edward E. SmithE. SmithGray LensmanGray
Edward E. SmithE. SmithVortex Blaster, TheVortex
H. Chandler ElliottElliottReprieve from ParadiseReprieve
George O. SmithG. SmithPattern for ConquestPattern
Tom GodwinGodwinSurvivors, TheSurvivors
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergAll About the FutureAll
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergComing AttractionsAttractions
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergJourney to InfinityJourney
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergFive Science Fiction NovelsKing
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergMen Against the StarsMen
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergRobot and the Man, TheRobot
Martin Greenberg (ed)GreenbergTravelers of SpaceTravelers
James GunnGunnThis Fortress WorldFortress
Robert A. HeinleinHeinleinMenace from Earth, TheMenace
Robert A. HeinleinHeinleinMethuselah’s ChildrenMethuselah’s
Robert A. HeinleinHeinleinSixth ColumnSixth
Robert A. HeinleinHeinleinUnpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, TheUnpleasant
Robert E. HowardHowardConan the BarbarianBarbarian
Robert E. HowardHowardComing of Conan, TheComing
Robert E. HowardHowardConan the ConquerorConqueror
Robert E. HowardHowardKing ConanKing
Robert E. HowardHowardSword of Conan, TheSword
Robert Howard & L. Sprague de CampHowardTales of ConanTales
L. Ron HubbardHubbardTypewriter in the Sky and FearTypewriter
Raymond F. JonesJonesRenaissanceRenaissance
Fritz LeiberLeiberTwo Sought AdventureTwo
Murray LeinsterLeinsterColonial SurveyColonial
Murray LeinsterLeinsterForgotten Planet, TheForgotten
Jeffrey Logan (ed)LoganComplete Book of Outer Space, TheComplete
Judith Merril (ed)MerrilSF: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and FantasySF: 56
Judith Merril (ed)MerrilSF: ’57: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and FantasySF: 57
Judith Merril (ed)MerrilSF: ’58: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and FantasySF: 58
Judith Merril (ed)MerrilSF: ’59: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and FantasySF: 59
C. L. MooreMooreJudgment NightJudgment
C. L. MooreMooreNorthwest of EarthNorthwest
C. L. MooreMooreShambleau and OthersShambleau
William MorrisonMorrisonMel Oliver and Space Rover on MarsMel
Talbot MundyMundyPurple PiratePath
Talbot MundyMundyTros of SamothraceTros
Andrew NorthNorthPlague ShipPlague
Andrew NorthNorthSargasso of SpaceSargasso
Bjorn Nyberg & L. Sprague de CampNybergReturn of Conan, TheReturn
Frank OwenOwenPorcelain Magician, ThePorcelain
Lewis PadgettPadgettMutantMutant
Lewis PadgettPadgettRobots Have No TailsRobots
Lewis PadgettPadgettTomorrow and Tomorrow/The Fairy ChessmenTomorrow
Frederik PohlPohlDrunkard’s WalkDrunken
Frederik Pohl & Jack WilliamsonPohlUndersea FleetFleet
Frederik Pohl & Jack WilliamsonPohlUndersea QuestQuest
Frederik Pohl & Jack WilliamsonPohlUndersea CityUndersea
Robert RandallRandallDawning Light, TheDawning
Robert RandallRandallShrouded Planet, TheShrouded
Nat SchachnerSchachnerSpace LawyerLawyer
James H. SchmitzSchmitzAgent of VegaAgent
Wilmar H. ShirasShirasChildren of the AtomChildren
Robert SilverbergSilverbergStarman’s QuestStarman’s
Clifford D. SimakSimakCityCity
Clifford D. SimakSimakCosmic EngineersCosmic
George O. SmithSmithHighways in HidingHighways
George O. SmithSmithPath of Unreason, ThePurple
Will StewartStewartSeetee ShipSeetee
A. E. van VogtVan VogtMixed Men, TheMixed
F. L. WallaceWallaceAddress: CentauriAddress
Wallace WestWestBird of Time, TheBird
Jack Williamson & James GunnWilliamsonStar BridgeStar

Several more tables will follow, with cover images from my collection interspersed.

American Paperback Reprints

TitleAuthorPublisherAlternate TitleNumberPriceYear
AddressWallaceGalaxy Science Fiction Novel32.351958
AgainstClarkePerma Star310.251954
BirdWoodAce BooksF-114.401961
Castlede CampPyramidF-722.401962
CitySimakAce Books255.351958
ColonialLeinsterAvonPlanet ExplorerT-202.351957
ConquerorHoward [b/w Brackett]Ace DoubleConan the Conqueror/ The Sword of RhiannonD-36.351953
ForgottenLeinsterAce DoubleThe Forgotten Planet/Contraband RocketD-146.351956
ForgottenLeinsterAce BooksD-528.351961
FoundationAsimovAce BooksThe 1,000 Year PlanD-110.251955
FoundationAsimov [b/w Anderson]Ace DoubleThe 1,000 Year Plan/No World of Their OwnD-110.251955
EmpireAsimovAce BooksThe Man Who Upset the UniverseD-125.351955
HighwaysSmithAvonThe Space PlagueT-180.351957
I, RobotAsimovSignet / New American LibraryS1282.351956
I, RobotAsimovSignet / New American LibraryS1885.351961
MenGreenbergPyramid Giant[some stories cut]G234.351957
MenMartin GreenbergPyramid9 Stories from Men Against the Stars [some stories cut]F-852 1963
Methuselah’sHeinleinSignet / New American LibraryS1752.351960
Methuselah’sHeinleinSignet / New American LibraryD2191.501962
Mixedvan VogtBerkley BooksMission to the Stars344.251955
Mixedvan VogtBerkley MedallionMission to the StarsF704.501962
PlagueNorthAce DoublePlague Ship/Voodoo PlanetD-345.351959
SandsClarkePocket Books989.251954
SargassoNorth [b/w Dick]Ace DoubleSargasso of Space/The Cosmic PuppetsD-249.351957
TerrorConklinPocket Books   
SecondAsimovAvon2nd Foundation: Galactic EmpireT-232.351958
SeedlingBlishSignet / New American LibraryS1622.351959
ShambleauMooreGalaxy Science Fiction Novel [digest-sized]Shambleau [some stories cut]31.351958
SixthHeinleinSignetThe Day After Tomorrow882.251951
SixthHeinleinSignet / New American LibraryThe Day After TomorrowS1577.351958
StarWilliamsonAce BooksD-169.351956
StarWilliamsonAce BooksF-241.401963
StarmenBrackett [b/w Williams]Ace DoubleThe Galactic Breed/ Conquest of the Space SeaD-99.351955
SurvivorsGodwinPyramid BooksSpace PrisonG480.351959
SurvivorsGodwinPyramid BooksSpace PrisonF774.401962
RatherCliftonGalaxy Science Fiction NovelThe Forever Machine35.351958
FortressGunn [b/w Silverberg]Ace DoubleThis Fortress World/The 13th ImmortalD-223.351957
TomorrowPadgettGalaxy Science Fiction Novel [digest-sized][The Fairy Chessmen only]26.351956
TypewriterHubbardGalaxy Science Fiction Novel [digest-sized][Fear only]29.351957
UnpleasantHeinleinPyramid Books6 x HG642.351962
UnpleasantHeinleinPyramid Books6 x HF910.401963

Foreign Reprints: HB = hardback; TP = trade paperback; PB = mass-market paperback; Digest = digest-sized magazine
(All images are of Marty Greenberg file copies in my collection)

English titleAuthorForeign PublisherCountryTranslation TitleFormatMagazineYear
AddressWallaceMoewigGermanyZielstern CentauriDigestTerra #1451960
AgentSchmitzBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1960
Castlede CampEditrice Romana PeriodiciItalyIl castello d’acciaoPB1962
ChildrenShirasT. V. BoardmanUKHB1954
ChildrenShirasThe Science Fiction Book Club (UK)UKHB1959
ChildrenShiras早川書房 (Hayakawa Shobō)Japanアトムの子ら (Atomo no Kora)TP1959
CitySimakClub français du livreFranceDemain les chiensHB1952
CitySimakArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyAnni senza fineDigestI Romanzi di Urania #181953
CitySimakWeidenfeld & NicolsonUKHB
CitySimakLe SagittaireFranceDemain les chiensPB1954
CitySimakPabelGermanyCityDigestUtopia Großband #801958
CitySimak早川書房 (Hayakawa Shobō)Japan都市 (Toshi)TP1960
CitySimakThe Science Fiction Book Club (UK)UK HB1961
ColonialLeinsterPabelGermanyBoardman greift ein [part 1]DigestUtopia Zukunftsroman #1081957
ColonialLeinsterPabelGermanyAbenteuer auf Loren II [part 2]DigestUtopia Zukunftsroman #1101958
ConquerorHowardT. V. BoardmanUKHB1954
CosmicSimakPabelGermanyIngenieure des KosmosDigestUtopia Kriminal #251957
DawningRandallBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1959
Drunkard’sPohlBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1961
Drunkard’sPohlThe Science Fiction Book Club (UK)UKHB1963
ForgottenLeinsterArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyIl pianeta dimenticatoDigestI Romanzi di Urania #881955
ForgottenLeinsterPabelGermanyDer vergessene PlanetDigestUtopia Großband #621957
ForgottenLeinsterNyt Dansk ForlagDenmarkDen Glemte PlanetPB1958
ForgottenLeinsterDitisFranceLa planète oubliéePB1960
FoundationAsimovWeidenfeld & NicolsonUKHB1953
FoundationAsimovMoewigGermanyTerminus, der letzte PlanetDigestTerra Sonderband #221959
EmpireAsimovMoewigGermanyDer galaktische GeneralDigestTerra Sonderband #241960
EmpireAsimovCenitSpainFundación e imperioPB1962
LensmanE. SmithBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1961
LensmanE. SmithBalowa / Gebrüder ZimmermannGermanyDie grauen HerrscherHB1961
LensmanE. SmithMoewigGermanyDie grauen HerrscherDigestTerra #2131962
HighwaysG. SmithE.D.H.A.S.A.SpainCaminos OcultosPB1957
HighwaysG. Smith早川書房 (Hayakawa Shobō)Japan宇宙病地帯 (Uchūbyō Chitai)TP1959
HighwaysG. SmithMoewigGermanyWeltraumpestDigestTerra Sonderband #191959
I, RobotAsimovGrayson & GraysonUKHB1952
I, RobotAsimovRauchGermanyIch, der RobotHB; TP1952
I, RobotAsimovEklundSwedenJag, RobotHB1954
I, RobotAsimovThe Science Fiction Book Club (UK)UKHB1954
I, RobotAsimovE.D.H.A.S.A.SpainYo, RobotPB1956
I, RobotAsimovSignet / New American LibraryCanadaPB1957
I, RobotAsimovDigit BooksUK[some stories cut]PB1958
I, RobotAsimovWeissGermanyIch, der RobotPB1958
IceworldClementPabelGermanyEisweltDigestUtopia Kriminal #201957
InvadersCampbellBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1961
JudgmentMooreLindqvistSwedenRymdens härskareTP1955
MelMorrisonDe VerkennerNetherlandsMel Oliver naar MarsPB1956
MenGreenbergGrayson & GraysonUK[some stories cut]HB1951
MenaceHeinleinAmbassadorCanada HB1959
Methuselah’sHeinleinArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyI figli di MatusalemmeDigestUrania #2621961
Methuselah’sHeinleinGoldmannGermanyDie Ausgestoßenen der ErdeHB; TP1963
Mixedvan VogtMoewigGermanyDas Reich der fünfzig SonnenDigestTerra Sonderband #81958
Mixedvan VogtBerkley BooksCanadaMission to the StarsPB1960
MutantPadgettWeidenfeld & NicolsonUKHB1954
MutantPadgettArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyOperazione apocalissePB1955
MutantPadgettThe Science Fiction Book Club (UK)UKHB1962
PathG. SmithBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1959
Pattern G. SmithClerke & CockeranUKHB1951
PlagueNorthPonzoniItalyL’astronave maledettaDigestI Romanzi del Cosmo #21957
PlagueNorthPabelGermanyGefährliche LandungDigestUtopia Großband #691958
PlagueNorthDitisFranceFusée en quarantainePB1960
PurpleMundyBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1959
RenaissanceJonesÉditions SatelliteFranceRenaissancePB1959
ReprieveElliottE.D.H.A.S.A.SpainEl rescate del paraísoPB1958
RobotGreenbergGrayson & GraysonUKHB1954
RobotGreenbergMoewigGermanyDie Roboter und wir [some stories cut]DigestTerra Sonderband #501962
RobotsPadgettPabelGermanyDer stolze Roboter [some stories cut]DigestUtopia Großband #961959
RobotsPadgettPabelGermanyMir gehört die Welt [some stories cut]DigestUtopia Großband #991959
SargassoNorthHönne / Gebrüder ZimmermannGermanyDie Raumschiff-FalleHB1956
SargassoNorthPabelGermanyGefangen auf LimboDigestUtopia Sonderband #2021963
TerrorConklin  東京元々社 (Tōkyō Gengensha)Japan宇宙恐怖物語 (Uchū Kyōfu Monogatari) [some stories cut]HB1957
SecondAsimovDigit BooksUKPB1958
SecondAsimovAvonCanada2nd Foundation: Galactic EmpirePB1958
SecondAsimovMoewigGermanyDer MutantDigestTerra Sonderband #261962
SecondAsimovCenitSpainFundación SegundaPB1962
SeedlingBlishArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyIl seme tra le stelleDigestUrania #1891958
SeedlingBlishGoldmannGermanyAuch sie sind Menschen …HB; TP1960
SeedlingBlishGoldmannGermanyAuch sie sind Menschen …PB1962
SeeteeStewartHachetteFranceLa nef d’antimPB1962
ShambleauMooreConsul BooksUKShambleau [some stories cut]PB1961
ShroudedRandallArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLa grande luceDigestUrania #2051959
SixthHeinleinHachetteFranceSixieme colonnePB1951
SixthHeinleinEklundSwedenSjätte KolonnenHB1953
SixthHeinleinNasjonalforlagetNorwayDet hendte imorgenPB1953
SixthHeinleinNide OyFinlandSeitsemän Miehen SotaHB; PB1954
SixthHeinleinLivros do BrasilBrazilA sexta colunaPB1955
LawyerSchachnerBalowa / Gebrüder ZimmermannGermanyDer WeltraumanwaltHB1961
LawyerSchachnerMoewigGermanyDer WeltraumanwaltDigestTerra #2481962
StarWilliamsonE.D.H.A.S.A.SpainPuente entre estrellasPB1957
StarJamesÉditions SatelliteFranceLe pont sur les étoilesPB1958
StarWilliamsonWidukind / Gebrüder ZimmermannGermanyBrücke zwischen den SternenHB1960
StarWilliamsonPabelGermanyMeuterei auf VanteeDigestUtopia Großband #1341960
StarWilliamsonCenitSpainEl imperio estelarPB1961
Starman’sSilverbergE.D.H.A.S.A.SpainObsesión EspacialPB1960
Starman’sSilverbergPabelGermanySternenfahrer unerwünschtDigestUtopia Großband #1181960
Starman’sSilverbergArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLe due facce del tempoDigestUrania #2731962
StarmenBrackettArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLa legge dei VarddaDigestI Romanzi di Urania #261953
StarmenBrackettMuseum PressUKHB1954
StarmenBrackettÉditions SatelliteFranceLes hommes stellairesPB1958
StarmenBrackettMoewigGermanyDas Schiff von OrthisDigestTerra #1171960
SurvivorsGodwinArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyI superstiti di RagnarokDigestUrania #2291960
SurvivorsGodwinMoewigGermanySie starben auf RagnarokDigestTerra Sonderband #341960
SurvivorsGodwinCenitSpainPrisión espacialPB1961
FortressGunnPabelGermanyVon Mauern umgeben…DigestUtopia Großband #601957
TomorrowPadgettDeux-RivesFranceL’homme venu du future [The Fairy Chessmen only]TP1957
TomorrowPadgettPonzoniItalyLa scacchiera sterminata [Tomorrow and Tomorrow only]DigestI Romanzi del Cosmo #81958
TomorrowPadgettPabelGermanyGefährliches Schachspiel [The Fairy Chessmen only]DigestUtopia Großband #1081959
TomorrowPadgettConsul BooksUK[Tomorrow and Tomorrow only]PB1963
TomorrowPadgettConsul BooksUKThe Far Reality [The Fairy Chessmen only]PB1963
TypewriterHubbardCherry Tree / Fantasy BooksUK[Typewriter in the Sky only]PB1953
TypewriterHubbardArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLe quattro ore di Satana [Fear only]DigestI Romanzi di Urania #891955
TypewriterHubbardArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLa trama fra le nub [Typewriter in the Sky only]DigestI Romanzi di Urania #1051955
CityPohlMoewigGermanyAlarm in der TiefseeDigestTerra #1631961
FleetPohlPabelGermanyStädte unter dem OzeanDigestUtopia Großband #1061959
FleetPohlKodanshaJapan海底艦隊 (Kaitei kantai)HB1957
FleetPohlArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLa giungla sotto il mareDigestUrania #2221960
QuestPohlArnoldo Mondadori EditoreItalyLa città degli abissiDigestI Romanzi di Urania #1061955
VortexE. SmithBurns & MacEachernCanadaHB1961

American Reprint Hardbacks

I, RobotAsimovGrosset & Dunlap19521.00

American Science Fiction Book Club Hardbacks

Mixedvan VogtDoubleday SFBC19521.00
SandsClarkeDoubleday SFBC19521.00
SecondAsimovDoubleday SFBC19531.00

American Reprint Magazines

MinionsBeyerTwo Complete Science-Adventure BooksSummer 19520.25